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Company social responsibility contribution:

Company is not only creates economic values but also actively participate in the social welfare activities. It has been continuously making large amount of donation for education, poor people, people in jeopardy, and public infrastructures in the past years.

1.Donated 869,500RMB to Fenshui primary school, Fenshui Middle school, Zhoutie Primary school and Zhoutie Middle School for new school construction and purchasing new equipment

2.Donated 405000 RMB to fire brigade, public security, social welfare and environmental protection works

3.Donated 150000 RMB for country roads construction of Fenshui and Chengqiao areas, donated 80000 RMB for the construction of Fenshui leisure square, donated 100000 RMB for the construction of new Fenshui bridge.

4.Donating over 100000RMB for charity fund, disabled people’s sports activity, “ Hope Project” and people in jeopardy.

5.In 2002, Mr. Qin Yisheng sponsored “ Zhoutie Town Scholarship Fund” to help the students who can not afford to continue their education, he made 20000 RMB donation per year, which has been lasting for three years so far.

6.In 2006, company provided fund to set up “Tianyin Grey-hairs fund”, it will contribute 100000 RMB per year for 10 years, the fund distributes the allowance to the old people who are over 95 years old in the local area, and also provides allowance to the elder people who are sick and poor so they can enjoy a happy, healthy, warm and stable life. A total of 600000 RMB has been donated so far.
7.In Jan.2007, company decided to support the Yinxing City Charity by donating 3 million RMB, donation will be made in the following 20 years, 150000 RMB donation per year. 750000 RMB donations has been made so far.
8.In Jan, 2008, “Zhoutie Town Charity Organization” was set up, company made half million RMB donation to charity.
9.In 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, company donated 200000 RMB donation, company employees made 45000 RMB donation.
10. In Dec. 2010, company donated RMB1200,000 to Zhoutie “Gathering of social capital and build a happy Zhoutie” activity.
11. In 2011, company sponsored RMB300,000 to support the construction of new countryside.
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