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March,1984, Yixing Qianguan Chemical Factory (our former company) was established in Yixing County in Wuxi. Main products were chemical reagents and WSN water-soluble weaving wax.

1987, we cooperated with textile ministry Huacheng company to increase output of WSN water-soluble weaving wax., and we renamed as "Yixing Textile Printing & Dyeing Auxiliary Factory"

1991, our YDG-2000 polyester filament hi-speed weaving oil agent was approved as "national new product of China".

1993, We cooperated with Shanghai petrochemical company and "Yixing Qianguan Auxiliary Factory"

1995, we founded Yixing Textile Auxiliary institute, which developed 3,000 T/A of glycol ether production method in batch way.

1998, Yixing Qianguan Auxiliary Factory founded Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Stock Co., Ltd. The main products are block polyether products such as ethylene glycol dimethyl ether, diethylene glycol dimethyl ether and selexol. We sold CNY 120 million of products, which was the first time that sales income exceeded 100 million.

1999, our -NHD desulfurization decarburization solvent passed the test of Sinopec,which was approved as "hi-tech product of Jiangsu province in 2000" and listed into "torch program of Jiangsu province in 2000".

2000, we cooperated with shanghai petroleum chemical research academy and develop 10,000T/A of glycol ether production method in continuous way, which became the project of national torch program later.

2001, our 10,000T/A production unit of Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Acetate was put into production, and our company became a hi-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province.

2002, we founded Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Shanghai Co., Ltd for the investment of poly aspartic acid in Beijing; Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Stock Co., Ltd was approved as "Key hi-tech enterprise of China torch program" in this year.

2003, we built 10,000T/A production units for propylene glycol methyl ether and PGMEA respectively.

2003, we founded Nanjing Tianyin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd in Nanjing chemical industry park, with 2000T/A of m-phthalonitrile unit and 600T/A of xylylene diamine pilot plant.

2004,Nanjing Tianyin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was under acquisition of Dynamic International Enterprises Limited (Hong Kong) and renamed as Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 

In 2005, Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.’s 50,000 T/A of low toxic solvent Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether project was listed into China torch program and put into production at the end of 2006. Now the production capacity can reach 70,000 T/A.

2006, we started to build 50000T/A of PGMEA production unit, which was put into production in April, 2007. The quality can reach electronic grade.

2008, we started to build 100,000T/A of EB and BAC production units, which were put into production in July, 2009.

2009, the board of directors decided to start to build 60,000 T/A EO project and started production at the end of September of 2011.

2010, the board of directors decided to start to build 100,000 T/A Glycol Ethers and acetates and plan to start production in June, 2012.

2011, Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical’s EB and DB’s capacity expanded to 80,000 T/A, and BAC’s capacity is 30,000 T/A.

2011, Dynamic (Nanjing) Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. starts to design No. II 100,000 T/A EO project.

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