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The logo as the registered trademark of Dynamic  International 

The logo applies the meaning of “Tianyin” as the basic elements. Borrowed “ T” from the first letter of “ Tianyin”. Circle-English “C”is the first letter of “ Chemical” to express the industry company is at. Secondly, circle represents the Sun-also means “heaven” in Chinese. So it effectively illustrates the broadness of the industry company competes in. together with “T”, it changed the inward looking shape of a circle, which expressed the openness, innovativeness, and braveness of the company in marketing and R&D.

Cloud shape-comes from letter “Y”, which defines Chinese character in “Yin” –means music in Chinese. The shape adopted is to tell people the performance of delicate lines and harmonious flow of the rich aesthetic charm. Together with “T” they expressed the rich vigorous expansion of the relationship and demonstrate the concept of enterprise management.

The total style implies the yin and yang, they are complementary to each other, which pass out an ambitious mission in enterprise growth and the down-to-earth professionalism.  

The company symbol comes from the first letter ‘ D” in company name ” Dynamic Tianyin” it is to focus the image on the company , tells people it is a corporate culture enrichment.

Letter “D”, large and small shapes together, abstract and the combination gives a better visual impression. “D” shapes line is gentle, graceful arc of great beauty.

Overall shape of the box marked symbolizes stableness and openness of corporates’ down-to-earth style, and the steady progress. In the meantime, the use of a rich imaginational style and color reflected a sense of harmony. The symbol also marks a open-minded thinking and embraces the world of self-confidence and business breakthroughs, tells its employees do not rest on its laurels, and their belief of moving forward.

Semicircle with the arc, represents the concept of a circle. The combination of square and round, implies a more rigorous way of a calmly generousness. Extension of a touch of brightness is forming a breakthrough, which gives the picture a dynamic jump. From blue to yellow gradient- accelerate and enhance the fit of the trajectory, the performance of the enterprises to strive for progress, and continues to look to new horizons, new vision of development goals and aspirations.

Choice of colors -blue is calm and rational, a symbol of being a rigorous science-oriented enterprise, attention to quality and being reliable; the distinctive yellow light, gives pride and joy which is full of i good prospects for the development of enterprises.

The elegant bright colors is the overall highlight, but also reflects the combination of principle and flexibility, reflecting the collective sound of the cohesion and centripetal force, but also implies the joint efforts of the collective corporate mission.

“donature” in English signs the combination of “do” and “nature”, as its name suggests, that is so natural and environmentally friendly which means the industry. this regard should be in line with the international community to protect the environment, and to have the initiative for the greener industry, but also represents a request of the self - from nature, like natural, so natural and flawless products.

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